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Guest Book

buddhahall.com  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication, compassion, and lighthearted humor. Throughout the duration of the RMTT course, I experienced astronomical growth amidst other likeminded, beautiful souls. It was an honor to learn and grow cohesively. Usha's teachings emphasized the need to look within and heal our own soul before healing others. And throughout the month, she continuously encouraged us to do so with warmth and positivity. Usha, my spiritual mama, thank you, thank you, thank you. I highly recommend Buddha Hall to anyone willing and ready to look within to find the true answers and meaning of our souls, life, that which exists beyond life, and the universe.   buddhahall.com

Danielle Oakes
United States

buddhahall.com  There are things in your life, that you feel it's meant to be. that's not coincidence, that the universe lead you. And that's what i feel when i met usha. When i arrived india, tow weeks ago i prayed to meet a therapist that have eastern wizdom , someone that see body & soul. someone that will help me to heal the pain in my heart and my body. That's amazing, i took indian dance lessons and the teacher (anna) recommended me to go buddhahall center and look for usha. From the first session, i felt that i could trust her, that she know what she is doing. that i am in professional and wise hands. i feel that this is the most powerfull and realese treatment that i ever experienced. In the treatments, I cried and felt a lot of hard feelings. but slowly slowly i feel that my heart is less heavy more joy & happiness. SO THANKS TO THE UNIVERSE!!! I FEEL BlESSED!!!   buddhahall.com

dana dadon

buddhahall.com  I'm so please to have met you Usha, you'r a wonderfull person. Thanks for you'r teaching. Our group was astonishing Highly recommand Buddhahall.   buddhahall.com

Kevin mac carthy

buddhahall.com  My experience at Buddha Hall with Usha was nothing short of magic. I intuitively wandered in after leaving a Vipassana course without any clue about Reiki. During a period of self growth Usha was a guide to many realizations about the workings of the universe. She is incredibly present, funny and always ready to answer your questions. The Reiki I and II course was a fountain of knowledge structured in a way that made it easy to progress day by day. Nestled in the mountains in Dharmsala, you will find the perfect environment to heal yourself and others. It’s safe to say I will be returning for more next year!   buddhahall.com

Maura McLean
United States

buddhahall.com  I took an intensive 1 month teach training course with Usha. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I had no Reiki experience before joining, this was a comprehensive program that infinitely changed my life. There are many Reiki courses out there, some which you can pay less for, but here you get what you pay for. Usha is an unbelievable amazing teacher and super connected. In my oppinion no other course can compare to this here. Do not hesitate to book onto this course it will change your life! Feedback from Reiki sessions that I have given to my clients is that these are the most powerful and healing Reiki sessions that they have received. Many people have learnt Reiki in other places but after hearing of Usha come to do another program with her. She is the real deal and you need not look anywhere else for your Reiki course. This is a lifetime investment which you will never regret. This is much more than just a Reiki course with so many things to learn for your own healing and in turn to be able to help others heal themselves. This will just be the start of your journey and transformation. Usha is always there for your for guidance and advice when you neeed her after the course. I am eternally grateful for all that I have learnt and the transformations which I have received and continue to develop everyday. Reiki is now and integral part of my life. This course was a main factor of me leaving behind a life of addictions, stress and working and living in a world that did not serve me. The course is filled with laughter, tears, joy and fun. thank you thank you, thank you! Don't hesitate book on this course and change your life! Reiki work will open up for you, you can teach straight away, you don't have to live in fear anymore. Liberate your soul x   buddhahall.com

Michael Thornhill

buddhahall.com  Usha is the most wonderful teacher I have ever had. She is so gentle, kind and knowledgeable. I attended the Reiki Level 1 and 2 course, which was life changing. Not only did we learn about Reiki and how to become healers, but about ourselves. The course teaches you about energies, chakras, history, and how mind and body are connected. It is everyday usual information that will be drawn upon for the rest of your life. I cannot recommend this course enough, and how lucky people are to have Usha as a teacher.   buddhahall.com

Amman Bharaj
United Kingdom

buddhahall.com  It is not an exaggeration to say that undertaking the Reiki Level I and II with Usha has been a life changing experience. I could never have imagined learning so much, while having so much fun. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable and thorough, Usha infuses her teaching with warmth, humour, and generosity of spirit. I'm grateful to have met you and cannot wait to return for my Reiki Master training next year!   buddhahall.com

United Kingdom

buddhahall.com  I first learned Reiki back in 2013. Although it opened a whole new world of healing for me I wasn't entirely happy with training and support I received from my Reiki master. I decided this year I wanted to go over what I'd learned again but with another master. How lucky I was to have found Ushaji. I have just completed my 11 days course of 1,2 and master level with Ushaji. She was very efficient at teaching and what I learned from her gave me more confidence. The new method of healing have applied to me and it was lovely to hear her story of her path to Reiki healing. I will definitely be going back to learn more from Ushaji. Thank you so much Ushaji. You have restored my confidence, taught me so mush and I look forward to learning from you again.   buddhahall.com

Jay Patel
United Kingdom

buddhahall.com  Life changing experience is what I will call it. My first interaction with Usha Mam was this year Feb when I attended Reiki level 1&2 in delhi. There was something beautiful that happened during those two days that I started to feel that Reiki starts pulling me towards it. I decided to go for teacher training program and I completely believe that this was the best decision of my life though I am blessed that it was destined for me to do it in a Buddha hall under Usha Mam's guidance. I met so many beautiful souls at that divine place. The energy of that place is just amazing. It was overall a beautiful and divine experience. I would highly recommend Buddha Hall, the place that is beautifully created by Usha Mam for anyone who is on this spiritual path. I feel truly blessed :) and so grateful to my mentor, my guide, my guru ... Usha Mam :-*   buddhahall.com


buddhahall.com  In terms of what I expected, I received this, therefore rating 5/5 calibrated to my expectations. My lifelong aspiring adventure into the unknown majestic of the Himalayas, first ever trip to India, was enhanced through my intrigue by the entire concept of BuddaHall - simple; researched online - a welcoming, calmly energised, mystically peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenating learning centre. Nestled on the main street Bahgsu Nag, Dharamshala, India; the place is adorned in its surroundings by multitudes of colour, touristic inspired shops, bustling people, distant traffic hoots echoing the valley, rumbling morning thunder, soothing monsoon rainfall intermissions, mysterious mountainous intensity and serene overhead eagles pitched whistling in the distance, simply simplicity. This special place is not for the egotistical. The place creates the tone; yet the trainer creates the inspiration and value of this more than once must visit place for learning. My initial telephone conversation when arranging my journey was welcomed by Usha Dobhal (Reiki Grand Master), Co-Director and a Founder of the Buddha Hall. Immediately I was re-assured exactly what transpired throughout my entire visit. I experienced what I expected! My hesitance in venturing to absolute unknown as a single woman traveller, was acknowledged and highly respected. Even though I was attending a non-residential programme, accommodation available was offered; I enjoyed myself absolutely resting in an immaculately clean, secure, basic necessity. Myself, a natural born and experienced trainer, I identified the absolute true passion by Usha during her Reiki training sessions, a quality rarely found except in truly inherent trainers. I was inspired by her genuine warmth, intensity, energy, motivation and true ability to connect her knowledge of course content through her many lived experiences within the diverse group of us attending the training. A true trainer avoids recall by the book; definitely my experience in   buddhahall.com

Sandra van Reenen
United Arab Emirates


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