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Usui Reiki Third 'A' level (Intensive Five days training)

Dharamsala, India

Reiki Third Level ( Advanced healing level)

The 3rd level is a very powerful and effective course, because it involves supreme powerful healing procedures and the development of mental and spiritual powers, through which you can establish yourself as a powerful Reiki Healer. This course teaches specific ways to treat various ailments and is for those who seek to work with Reiki is a more clinical manner

  • The higher purpose of Reiki is channeled.
  • Healing  awareness in deep level
  • Master Dharma principles,
  • Chakra's & Kosha's relationship,
  • Morning master initiation,
  • Spiritual awakening with Master Symbols
  • Learn to heal psychic attacks
  • The Chakra system & Healing
  • Healing meditation
  • Integrating Counseling into a healing session

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"  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication,  "

Danielle Oakes
United States
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