Manifesting and Abundance (ThetaHealing)


You create your reality. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every action you take is reflected in your life by what you are consciously or unconsciously creating. Manifesting and Abundance class teaches you how to consciously bring into your reality what you wish to create and what your heart desires. In Advanced DNA we talk about manifesting but don’t go deep. This seminar brings you into depth and clarity regarding why your life is how it is and what you are creating. And how to change it. You can release what keeps you from reaching your highest potential and from manifesting health, wealth, love, joy and happiness. Get out of your own way!

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  1. that you already always manifest - consciously or unconsciously
  2. how important it is to find out what you really want
  3. what blocks you from true abundance and from reaching your goals or realizing your wishes
  4. about helpful behaviours that boost abundance and about common mistakes
  5. which beliefs on the core, genetic and historic level block abundance and manifesting
  6. how to work with the laws and manifest properly
  7. two manifesting techniques
  8. deep manifesting digging
  9. about the right timing, Divine Timing
  10. how to remember your future and check and adjust what you are creating
  11. what to do when you are stuck
  12. how to bless your surrounding and enhance your abundance
  13. and much more…

You receive lots of helpful downloads and have space to test over 100 beliefs that block abundance and manifesting and to dig deep and release them.

Seminar Includes:
ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance Practitioners Manual

Looking forward to the next steps, so much fun.

With love & gratitude

Lena and Gopal


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