Soul Mates

Your task is not to search for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. "RUMI"


The Soul Mate seminar is about love. Romantic love. Love between soul mates. True love. Your love to yourself and to All That Is. Your love for life. It is about giving and receiving love. And it is about what keeps you from love. Using techniques learned in Basic and Advanced DNA you go deep to find hidden blocks and disadvantageous beliefs. What do you think about romantic love, self love, soul mates, marriage, having children, sexuality? And what does your DNA think? Clear the fears and traumas around love, sexuality and finding your soul mate, get lots of helpful downloads and step into your true love!.

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  1. If you have one or more soul mates and how to attract them
  2. What the monogamy gene is and if you have it
  3. Self love and self esteem: you are the price!
  4. Deep digging around the topics of love, sexuality and partnership
  5. How to heal a lack of love that comes from the moment of conception?
  6. About ows, vows, promises and energetically marriages that keep you from love and how to release them
  7. Helpful techniques like the heart song, healing the baby in the womb and energetic divorce
  8. How to manifest your most compatible soul mate?
  9. And much more....


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