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Buddha Hall spiritual healing & teaching center is a place of divine peace and high spiritual values and, is situated in the heart of Kangra district, at Bhagsu nag, Dharamsala. It is located a kilometer away from Mcleodganj on Bhagsunag Road, at Bhagsu. Mcleodganj, the seat of the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, The 14th Dalai Lama, attracts the largest number of seekers and students in various fields of spiritual activities.Yoga retreats usually include high-quality daily yoga classes, delicious meals, comfortable accommodations, relaxation, and exploratory adventures through natural wonders. You will leave a yoga retreat feeling refreshed, renewed, and more like your true self than you have in years. Retreat Network features yoga retreats in beautiful destinations with fantastic instructors all over the world - all at a great price!

9 Days Reiki, Chakra Energy Healing & Yoga Meditation Retreat

Buddha hall offers 9 day specialized learning retreats in Reiki Energy Healing & Yoga Meditation in Dharamshala and Rishikesh India.Our Reiki Energy Healing & Yoga Meditation Retreat are peaceful escape from the chaos of a busy life, we are focused on empowering every participant spiritual, mental and emotional aspect of their wellbeing.

21 Days Reiki Master & Energy Healer Teacher Training (RMTT)

Deepen your knowledge of Reiki and of yourself in a program designed to meet your specific goals as a Reiki healer and teacher. This course (21 days) and internship (7 days) will expose you to the Vedic and Tantric Buddhist lineage of Reiki, provide ample opportunities to practice teaching, and deepen your understanding of personal practice. You will learn Reiki at all levels and many other energy healing works, including a sacred morning self-initiation practice along with a 21 day psychic cleansing ritual.