About Us

Buddha Hall is an internationally renowned holistic healing, yoga, meditation and wellness institute, which has been offering bespoke certified training and courses in a diverse range of holistic wellness and healing modalities. With over 25 years of experience, our courses truly integrate and embody years of learning, research and personal practice. It is through this wealth of experience and growth that we not only offer authentic and certified teaching programs to our students but also provide them with practical guidance and training.

Buddha hall was founded in 1997 by Usha Buddhahall with the aim of providing a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for spiritualists on the journey to heal, learn, grow and cultivate their gifts. Usha Ji wanted to bring together spirituality, philosophy, science and psychology to create a truly holistic and integrated approach to healing. 

Based on the same principle of inclusiveness and universal well-being Usha Buddhahall opened up many other sister branches of the Buddha Hall in India (Bangalore, Delhi, Dharamshala) and overseas, with the collaboration and support of her students and therapists, who have professionally worked with over the years. She regularly travels around the world to provide workshops, Teacher training and to facilitate healing with unwavering compassion and devotion to helping those in need.

The aim of Buddha Hall as an institute always is simple yet profound. First, we focus on the spiritual journey of the individual by creating space for self-empowerment, physical and mental healing, authentic creativity and spiritual development. Secondly, we use an integrative and person-centred approach to cultivate the individuals’ abilities as a healer and wellness practitioners. Lastly, we are creating a global and compassionate community of well-trained, certified healers and wellness practitioners to assist others on their journey, while spreading awareness about the power of holistic practices. We aim for the name of the Buddha Hall to be synonymous with positive thinking, happiness, good health and love. Having truly embodied these principles Buddha Hall was able to grow into an internationally recognized household name in the holistic wellness community.

Buddha Hall is situated in Bhagsu Nag, a small town nestled among nature and the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. It is also in close proximity to one of the major Buddhist spiritual centers in India and the seat of His Holiness - The 14th Dalai Lama. A mix of nature, tranquillity and culture, it invites thousands of national and international tourists every year, making it a very popular destination for physical as well as spiritual rejuvenation.

What does the Buddha Hall offer?

Buddha Hall provides both residential and non-residential, accredited courses and teacher training programs in a diverse range of holistic and wellness disciplines. These include, but are not limited to Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Siddha Energy Healing, Holistic Counselling, Teacher training, Yin Empowerment Programs, Energy Work, Spiritual and mental mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading, Chakra Balancing and many other alternative healing practices. We also conduct individual holistic healing sessions, and workshops along with facilitating holistic and yogic wellness retreats in all our centres in India and overseas.

We place a high value on creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all students and residents. We cultivate a warm and nurturing environment where spiritual seekers from different walks of life can connect and grow together through shared learning and experiences. Sharing with others in this way is designed to facilitate deep personal relations to help you heal and move along on your spiritual journey. 

Every course offered at Buddha Hall is individual-centric and is designed to complement and promote the learner’s own spiritual journey, while simultaneously working in a group of other like-minded individuals. Our skilled experts guide you through your individual practice and equip you with the skills to teach and share your learning with others on the same path. Buddha Hall encourages you to become a holistic facilitator by equipping you with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become a messenger of compassion, love and peace. 

We also offer internship and volunteering opportunities to international students. Students from various universities around the world have opted to come to work and learn with us while concurrently offering their skills to help better the institution and discipline of holistic practice as a whole. During the internship, students immerse themselves in the world of holistic healing, personality development, Individual learning and teaching. Students are further encouraged and taught how to work on their spiritual and physical well-being through practice and guided support. 

Buddha Hall also provides various cultural workshops depending on the availability of teachers. These workshops and programs may include art/painting workshops, exhibitions, calligraphy classes, dance classes and classical music concerts. We, also, depending on the availability, offer recreational activities such as local sightseeing and movie screenings.

We are also currently in the process of opening up a “Scholarship program” for students who are unable to support themselves financially, in return for skill exchange. It is our founding belief that individuals who are truly dedicated to learning and spiritual growth should not be constrained. Our aim through this is not only to help them grow as holistic healers and wellness practitioners, but also as individuals who can then go on to help others in need. 

Buddha Hall is an institution that is dedicated to becoming one of the best learning and training platforms for holistic teachers, energy healers, yogic practitioners, therapists and wellness experts all over the world. Buddha hall aims to bring together a collective of holistic teachers, experts and students from around the world to create an ever-expanding community where individuals can openly share and pool their wisdom, knowledge and spiritual experiences for the benefit of humanity as a whole. We welcome people from all walks of life to join us in our journey and contribute toward our goal of making this world a better place.

We provide a nurturing, accepting and comfortable environment to all individuals as we believe it to be integral to the exploration of self, spirituality and holistic health. We offer compassionate support and guidance to empower individuals on their journey and help them attain their personal goals. 
Inclusive Teaching
We believe in the higher power and the higher wisdom of the universe which transcends religion or any other human philosophy. We are inclusive and patient in our teaching style. We respect and promote individuality, by honouring everyone’s beliefs, yet encouraging to learn from each other and keep an open mind when discovering what the universe has to offer. 

Individual Growth

We ourselves practice the philosophy that a good healer and wellness practitioner must also continually grow and learn. For this reason, we take the overall growth and healing of all individuals seriously. We value even small achievements and believe in positive reinforcement. Also, as well as providing an in-depth theoretical and practical experience as part of the program, we simultaneously expose students to the Indian culture offering them a chance to explore and learn more about it.

Community Work

We value our local community and strongly believe in supporting those who are disadvantaged. Therefore, we work closely with various organizations that offer volunteering opportunities. For our students, we offer opportunities to volunteer as holistic healers, doctors, counsellors, teachers, social workers, and wellness practitioners to facilitate transformation in groups of people that otherwise cannot afford help and counselling. 

Global Community

Usha Buddhahall aim to continue growing Buddha Hall in the name of creating a global community of holistic healers and wellness practitioners in the areas of energy work, yogic practices and teaching, to Love, support and hard work of our students and teachers made Buddha Hall into a household name., In return, by valuing and developing every individual that comes into contact with Buddha Hall we want to grow into an even bigger and more passionate community. Our vision is to create change through sustainability, shared learning and community engagement to make this world a better place for future generations to come.
Our aim is to expand the Buddha Hall further by opening more associated holistic healing centres, and yoga and meditation centres in collaboration with our associates all around the world, who share our core values, our mission and our goal to further advance the holistic discipline.