Q-What sets Buddha Hall apart from other institutes?
A- Buddha hall not only focuses on the holistic development of an individual, but also on personal, mental and physical development. Buddha hall creates a nurturing and accepting environment for everyone and helps them find and develop their intrinsic strength through guided practice and learning.

Q- Who is the founder and director of the Buddhahal Holistic Healing & Teaching Center?
A- Buddhahall's founder director is Usha Dwivedi, She was born with the intuitive potential to channel natural energy and heal, which she discovered later in her spiritual path with the grace of her Guru Shivbala Yogi and Buddist Master Tenzin Chozen. She is a world-renowned Spiritual Healer and Reiki Grand Master.

Q- Who are your courses for?
A- These courses are for anyone who wishes to grow holistically and spiritually. There is no bar based on background, education, profession or orientation. Our courses are designed in a manner to complement each and every student and can be customised to suit their learning and development needs.

Q- Reiki Master Teacher Training Certification (RTTC) 
A- Anyone can enrol in the two-day basic training through the three-week intermediate Reiki Master Teacher Training (RTTC). Students can also participate in a 2 to 21 days residential programme. Buddha hall This space exists to learn, heal, inspire, assist, and promote peace and love. Students will study Holistic Living, meditation, Yoga, and how to feel serenity, contentment, knowledge, and compassion for others while pursuing Reiki Master Teacher certification.
Courses range in duration from two to twenty-one days, with one-day programs available. Even if you are not enrolled in a course, you are invited to come to the Buddha hall for a variety of holistic therapy sessions. Anyone can apply for beginner to advanced training courses, which are accessible in English and Hindi.

Q- In India, how many Buddha Hall Centers and branches are actively providing holistic teachings and healing?
A-There are a few Buddha hall centres in India and across the world that are actively teaching and providing different energy healing-oriented courses and therapies. Following the completion of Buddha Hall, two centres, one in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and the other in Bangalore, Karnataka, provide all activities.

Q- What is the role of a holistic health practitioner? The holistic healer practitioner works in symbiosis with the universal energies and channels the said energies to heal and guide other individuals towards attaining a similar holistic awakening.
Q- I am interested in becoming a Buddha Hall certified Reiki  Master Teacher, Where do I start?
A- Registration for all courses is required. It can be done online or in person at the center. Certification is provided on completion of all classes. For a teaching certification, a Teacher Training course must be successfully completed. The Teaching certification provided by Buddha hall is internationally accredited. We also provide internships and skill exchange for students.
Q- Are the days off included in the program?
A- Our courses are designed in a way to suit students’ learning needs and pace. Hence, do include proper rest days as well as recreational activities to keep your mind and body engaged.
Q- What are the usual teaching times of the program?
A- Timings can vary from course to course, the details of which would be provided while registering.

Q- Do I get support once I have completed a course with Buddha Hall?
A- Buddha hall at request provides internships and practice sessions once the course is completed. You can also opt to work as a volunteer teacher to gain valuable experience.
Q- Do you provide internships and volunteering opportunities? 
A- We do provide internships and volunteering opportunities depending upon the availability of open positions. We also offer skill exchange programs for international students. For more information about the availability of these opportunities, please directly contact us.
Q- Do you provide accommodation? 
A- Apart from the residential courses where accommodation is included, accommodation for students on non-residential courses is also available upon request. Please note that it’s subject to availability and pre-booking at least Two-weeks in advance.
Q- Do you provide food?
A- Food is not provided at the center, but the locality is surrounded by eateries, cafes and restaurant which provides all kinds of budget and healthy meals.
Q- How do I get to register for the upcoming courses?
A- You can register for our upcoming courses under the upcoming schedule section. All our available courses, dates, and charges are regularly updated in the upcoming schedule section. For further information or clarification, you may call us or send a written enquiry.
Q- What are the ways in which I can pay for my course?
A- You can pay for the courses using the payment gateway on the website or PayPal, If you face any issues or would to discuss an alternative payment method, feel free to write to us with your query.
Q- What if I want to change the date of my course?

A- That can be done only for pre-paid courses, upon consultation with the course teacher. However, the dates can only be adjusted twice.
Q- What if I want to cancel my course? 
A- The course registration fee is non-refundable since the spots are particularly reserved and the seats are closed once the quorum is met. However, the dates for the course can be shifted to a later time.