We here at Buddha Hall not only focus on theoretical aspects of the respective subjects, but also encourage practical and cultural learning which helps in the overall development of our students.We encourage our students to gain real life experiences and develop their unique spiritual identities.We focus on physical health of our students and also work with them to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Our goal here is to help our students to  attain a sustainable and balanced growth through self-realization so that even after they are no longer in our care, they can continue to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, self-healing is an integral part of becoming a holistic healer and a well-being practitioner yourself.  

The Buddha Hall Teaching and Healing method is designed to serve students of any level of experience, age, gender, race or religion. The Universal Energy Healing Principles are effective when properly implemented and students with special therapeutic needs may find relief and healing with Buddha Hall Holistic healing and Teaching.

The methodology of every course we offer at Buddha hall is different and designed according to the needs of the students who will be undertaking the said course.However, some basic practices are incorporated in most of the courses to improve their effectiveness and to facilitate students spiritual growth and sensitivity. 

Each class begins with meditation, pranayama ( breathing exercises ) and self-introspection to facilitate release of any physical, mental and emotional tensions stored in the body. This also helps an individual to assess their own awareness levels so that they may be able to track their own progress as the classes proceed. 

All classes are founded on the traditions and teachings of Alternative Healing and weave in wisdom of ancient and modern energy scripts.Through balancing the knowledge of the old and the new, students are able to achieve a grounded and a harmonious energy growth of mind and soul.