Since it’s inception in 1997, the Buddha Hall Holistic Healing and Teaching Centre has steadily grown worldwide. Being an established name in its field Buddha Hall has trained and helped thousands of individuals achieve spiritual growth and peace. All such trained individuals and certified practitioners now act as a conduit for Buddha Hall’s teachings and values. These practitioners have established themselves in their respective fields and now provide holistic teachings in multiple disciplines across the globe all the while being part of the Buddha Hall community.

Buddha Hall aims to provide its students with the very best and hence does not compromise on any accounts. Choosing to become a member of the Buddha Hall holistic community opens many doors of individuals and students.

Some of the benefits and services provided to individuals at Buddha Hall are :

  • Affordable and comfortable accommodation (on request)
  • Residential and non-residential courses depending on your convenience
  • Courses and sessions personally tailored to your needs
  • Follow-up and feedback sessions on courses and workshops
  • Trained, certified and trusted teachers
  • Internationally recognized certification on completion of courses
  • Scholarship based on skill exchange
  • Volunteering
  • Residential teachers
  • Personal and group support
  • Community engagement
  • Cultural teaching and awareness
  • Local and international support
  • Certified internships and the teacher training programs