Join Our 100 & 200 Hours Holistic Healer

Certified Internship and Volunteer wisdom service.


Social responsibility

Bodhi Retreat offers volunteer opportunities for its’ students to support local community groups and to promote humanitarian efforts. The philanthropic activities attune one into a model of compassion and help comprehend and surmount their own pain and suffering. This enables an individual to cultivate a sense of gratitude towards humanity while helping those who are less fortunate. Our centre offers a safe, comfortable and friendly environment to learn and grow spiritually to people of all religions and nationalities.  We are currently accepting applications for the internship program in the following areas: Therapist, Counsellor, Yoga Instructor, Meditator.

Holistic Healer Certified Internship Program

Buddha Hall offers 100 and 200-hour internship programs for individuals who are versed in yoga, meditation and holistic healing techniques, such as Reiki healing, crystal healing, and singing bowl healing. We aim to provide our interns with an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience, by teaching or giving therapy sessions, and deepen their knowledge in holistic healing by attending the Buddha Hall Retreat courses.

The interns will learn from our experienced teachers and healers and apply an array of therapies on the clients. This internship program will enable you to practice healing techniques to transition effectively from a student to a professional. We provide a collaborative and open culture where you can express yourself and improve your communication and soft skills. We provide an environment for you to thrive where everyone is supportive, accessible and invested in your personal transformation and growth.

The interns will also have an opportunity to retain a part-time or full-time position at Buddha Hall upon successful completion of the internship. Send us your details at to explore an interest in this program.