Life Transforming Course

The Buddha hall offers 7-day online specialized learning training in Reiki 1st, 2nd Level Energy Healing with & Siddha Chakra Balancing Course.

Our Training of Reiki 1st and 2nd level with Siddha Chakra Balancing & Healing is a peaceful escape from the chaos of a busy life, we are focused on empowering every participant with spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of their wellbeing.

In the training, you will learn traditional Reiki and the Medicine Buddha Reiki level First, Second, and Siddha Chakra Healing Certified Program, At the end of the 7-day retreat you will be well trained for self-healing and healing others,

Apart from the Healing, Teachings, Meditation, Exercises, and Pranayama, every participant will receive one Astro Tarot Reading Session and Personal Spiritual Counselling.

Outlines of the workshop:

  1. Certified Reiki Level 1 and II intensive training, (Traditional Reiki and Medicine Buddha Reiki).
  2. Chakra healing, exploring the Seven main Chakras, balancing a different one each day.
  3. Aura Cleansing
  4. Chakras and Crystal's
  5. Chakra Meditation.
  6. Mantras to Empower Chakra
  7. Reiki Self-Healing
  8. Reiki Heals Others
  9. Self awaking meditation
  10. Chakra Dowsing and Scanning
  11. Chakra psychic cleansing
  12. Protection meditation