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It frequently occurs for someone to notice an individual's success or the joy of their family, and then suddenly, without apparent cause, things start to go wrong. One never knows who is actively or secretly attempting to harm their possibilities of happiness and achievement. An individual who has been in perfect health may suddenly get ill, a business that has been profitable and well-managed may suddenly begin to lose money, or family members who had previously gotten along well may now find themselves at conflict constantly. When a spell is cast on you, negative energy is injected into you in an effort to manipulate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in order to harm or try to hurt you or a beloved one. All of these things might take place as a result of a rival or a family enemy who has evil intentions sending negative energy. In some instances, black magic also has an impact on your love life, relationships, and finances in addition to your health. However, you can work with a spiritual healer to eliminate all forms of black magic from your life, beckon health, prosperity, happiness, and success your way, and re-establish your connection to a calm and contented inner state.


Black Magic Removal Mantra:

Kali Mantra:


Om Kreeng Kaliye Namaha,

Om Kapalinye Namaha

ओम् क्रींग कलिये नमः,

ओम कपलिनये नमः

Hanuman Mantra:

Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat

ओम हम हनुमते रुद्रातमकाया हूम फाट

Om Namo Bhagwate RU RU Bhairvaye Bhoot Pret shay Kuru Kuru Hoom Phat Swaha

ओम नमो भगवते रु भैरवये भूत प्रेत शाय कुरु कुरु हूम फट स्वाहा

All harmful effects of black magic are removed and cleaned by spiritual healing (psychic attacks).

This is one of the benefits of daily spiritual cleansing to get rid of black magic (psychic attacks).

  • Performing this healing also offers protection against sickness and mishaps.

  • Additionally, it promotes both physical and emotional well-being.

  • Through spiritual healing, obstacles can be removed as well as harmful energies.

  • Helpful for developing harmony and calm in your life.

  • Those that are committed flourish and are in good health.

  • Whoever completes this method will be able to heal black magic and issues associated to black eyes.

  •  It eliminates guilt, anxiety, and other unfavourable emotions.

  • Happiness, wealth, and tranquilly are felt by followers.

  • Beneficial for the progression of boosting energy in the workplace and financial system.


Therapist/Spiritual Healer: UshaJi

Place: Buddha hall, healing centre

price: $75 (Rs 5500)

By appointment only

Please email us  for the appointment at buddhaahallinfo@gmail.com 

or what's app us at +91 7876389127

Usha Buddha Hall  (HHC): (Founder, Director of Buddha Hall International Healing and Teaching Centre)

Having more than two decades of experience working as a Spiritual, Holistic Health consultant Mentor and Healer throughout the world, Usha-Ji would be happy to provide you with Ancient methods of Chakra- Alignment Healing, Holistic, Reiki Energy Healing, Ancient Tibetan Sound Healing,  Intuitive Tarot Awakening Sessions and Spiritual Counselling in a comfortable and safe space.

You can book a one-on-one session with her online or offline that is personalised to your requirements. She can help you equitably to restore the healthy essence of your being. She sincerely understands your need to achieve good health, clarity, and balance throughout your entire being in your day-to-day life. Once you connect with her, you won't have to face challenging situations and energies on your own; instead, she will continue to guide you toward success at ease as you progress in level. 

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