Chakra Reading

Let us help you determine whether your 7 major chakras are open, balanced, imbalanced, weak, overactive or underactive. Your energy moving, masculine or feminine side, what kinds of emotions are stored in your every chakra, where the hidden emotions wounds and traumas are stored. 

This is a full reading using a Crystal Dowsing Pendulum and offers c0uncelling on how to bring your Mind, Body & Spirit back into balance and harmony.  From this reading you will know exactly which Chakra needs to heal, balance, harmonize, and empower through Energy, crystal and Healing 

Therapist: UshaJi

Place: Bangalore & Dharamshala 

price: $75 (Rs 5500)

By appointment only

Please email us  for the appointment at  or what's app us on +91 7018028085

Usha Buddha Hall  (HHC): (Founder, Director of Buddha Hall International Healing and Teaching Centre)

Having more than two decades of experience working as a Spiritual, Holistic Health consultant Mentor and Healer throughout the world, Usha-Ji would be happy to provide you with Ancient methods of Chakra- Alignment Healing, Holistic, Reiki Energy Healing, Ancient Tibetan Sound Healing,  Intuitive Tarot Awakening Sessions and Spiritual Counselling in a comfortable and safe space.

You can book a one-on-one session with her online or offline that is personalised to your requirements. She can help you equitably to restore the healthy essence of your being. She sincerely understands your need to achieve good health, clarity, and balance throughout your entire being in your day-to-day life. Once you connect with her, you won't have to face challenging situations and energies on your own; instead, she will continue to guide you toward success at ease as you progress in level.

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